Mission of True Buddha School

To promote the rejuvenation of Buddhist philosophy, uphold the spirit of Buddha, purify the world with Buddhadharma, enrich lives with Buddhist studies, and transform hearts and minds with Buddhist doctrines. Eradicating one’s worldly afflictions through Taoist, Sutrayana and Tantrayana cultivation methods, helping all sentient beings break free from their troubles, enabling everyone to realise their minds and see their Buddha-nature, transcend the cycle of life and death, and gain an understanding of the reality of truth, with the wisdom born from true faith.

Basic Philosophy of True Buddha School

  • Taking the principles taught by Padmasambhava, a Patriarch of Tantrayana, “Honour the Guru, Treasure the Dharma and Cultivate Diligently” as axis, and proving Buddhadharma is rational and not mere superstition, through actual practice and verification. Hence, disciples who have taken refuge are required to cultivate at least once daily.

  • In term of behaviour, the following are required:
    Externally —— Do no evil, and cultivate good.
    Internally —— To cultivate Tantrayana practices till one attains the goal of Buddhahood through purification of their body, speech and mind. Disciples are also required to observe the Fourteen Root Tantric Vows, Fifty Stanzas of Guru Devotion, TBS Precepts, as well as other fundamental Sutrayana and Tantrayana precepts.

  • They should also exercise equanimity and tolerance towards other schools.

  • When propagating Buddhadharma to benefit sentient beings, disciples should apply skilful and expedient worldly methods to fulfill the wishes of sentient beings, and guide them towards the wisdom of Buddha.

  • Anyone can take refuge in and practice the “True Buddha Tantra” regardless of one’s faith or race, whether one is laity or ordained, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
  • TBS Culture

    1. TBS Culture
      • One of the traditional virtues in Chinese culture is respecting the teacher and honouring his teachings, as illustrated in the saying: ‘A teacher for a day, a father for a lifetime.’ This is also applicable when one is practicing Buddhadharma. This is especially so in Tantrayana cultivation, where the lineage transmission and blessing from one’s Root Guru is of the highest importance.

        Living Buddha Lian-Sheng expounded: “If one does not have the blessing of their lineage master during their study and cultivation of Tantrayana, they will definitely not have any accomplishments. In addition, accomplished cultivators of Tantrayana are those who honor their teacher, and have attained spiritual union with their teacher.” Respecting one’s teacher is the most important element in Tantrayana cultivation. Similarly, Living Buddha Lian-Sheng has always respected his teachers and honoured their teachings, practicing what he preaches, from the beginning till today, never changing.

    2. Treasure the Dharma
      • To “Treasure the Dharma” means to value and cherish the extraordinary Tantric Dharma. Living Buddha Lian-Sheng expounded: “Sincerely cherish the Dharma transmitted by the Root Guru, meticulously study them in detail and understand them, realizing them clearly in one’s mind. Once True Buddha disciples have received an authentic empowerment, they should cultivate diligently. Each buddha and bodhisattva has numerous profound practices and wondrous pith instructions, all of which are transmitted to the disciples from the Root Guru.”

    3. Cultivate Diligently
      • Living Buddha Lian-Sheng expounded: Lineage transmission is purely extrinsic. True ability has to be achieved through one’s own efforts; without this, any amount of lineage transmission is of no use. Diligent cultivation is the ultimate principle.

        Grandmaster stressed: Without actual cultivation, even studying the Dharma widely is of no use; it is only through diligent cultivation will one attain realisation. The authentic and wondrous Dharma requires extraordinary and diligent cultivation before realisation can be attained. Attainment of fruition does not come from mere study of the Dharma, but is an achievement of a diligent cultivator.

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