Take Refuge

Taking Refuge marks the beginning of faith, comprehension, practice and realisation. One must first have faith, take joy in Buddhadharma, then understand and put the teachings into practice. Eventually, one realises and attains fruition. 

Taking refuge means to accept guidance, reliance and deliverance. In the Fourfold Refuge in Tantrayana – taking refuge in Vajra Acharya, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha – the Vajra Acharya comes first, as the Vajra Acharya is the embodiment of the Triple Gems. It is only because sentient beings have taken refuge in a Vajra Acharya, that they are able to learn the Tantra; and it is only because of their reliance on their Vajra Acharya, that they are able to receive the salvation of their Guru and the Triple Gems. By taking refuge, we create wholesome causes that will bring about wholesome effects, increasing wholesome roots and merits. Those who take refuge receive blessings, are empowered to turn ignorance into enlightenment and attain wisdom. Our body, speech and mind are purified, we transcend the ocean of samsara to attain sainthood. 


Methods of Taking Refuge


01 Receive the refuge empowerment from Living Buddha Lian-sheng himself

One may personally go to locations where Living Buddha Lian-sheng has dharma propagation activities to receive the refuge empowerment personally from Living Buddha Lian-sheng, who will also issue the refuge certificate.


In writing

One who wishes to take refuge can, at 7.00 am on either the first or fifteen of any lunar month, face the direction of the rising sun. With joined palms, reverently recite the Fourfold Refuge Mantra three times: “Namo Guru Bei, Namo Buddha Ye, Namo Dharma Ye, Namo Sangha Ye. Seeking Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s guidance, I take refuge in the True Buddha.” Recite and prostrate three times.

Afterwards, write a letter stating your name, address, age, and the purpose as requesting for refuge empowerment. Enclose a voluntary offering within and send it to the below address:
Master Sheng-Yen Lu
17102 NE 40th CT.
Redmond, WA 98052-5479

On either the first or fifteen of every lunar month, Living Buddha Lian-sheng will bestow refuge empowerment remotely upon disciples who are unable to receive it in person. Afterwards, disciples will receive their refuge certificate, a picture of Living Buddha Lian-sheng, and a note stating the level of practice they should start with. This hence signifies that they have received the lineage of Living Buddha Lian-sheng.


Approach any TBS cultivation venue for assistance

TBS has cultivation venues worldwide. 

For devotees who are currently in Singapore and wish to take refuge in TBS (Living Buddha Lian-sheng), please approach our volunteers at Yuan Zheng Tang. We would be happy to provide assistance.

After taking refuge in TBS (Living Buddha Lian-sheng), can one still receive multiple other refuge empowerments?

Disciples who have taken refuge in TBS would have received the TBS lineage transmission, since they have accepted the refuge empowerment. It is therefore not appropriate to receive refuge empowerments from other schools, to avoid distortion and losing the precious TBS lineage transmission.