Take Refuge

Refuge is the beginning of faith, understanding and practice. First, believe in and enjoy the Dharma, then understand the Dharma, practice according to the Dharma, and finally obtain the result. Only with faith can there be happiness, and the body of faith must have the appearance of joy, and happily convert to Liansheng Buddha. The meaning of refuge is refuge, reliance, and salvation. Among the four refuges of Esoteric Buddhism, “refuge to Vajra Guru, refuge to Buddha, refuge to Dharma, and refuge to all sages of the ten directions”, Vajra Guru ranks first because he is the general upholder of the Three Jewels. It is only because of taking refuge in the vajra master that all living beings can learn secret methods, and because of the vajra master’s protection, they can be saved by the guru’s three treasures. The good cause of taking refuge will attract blessings and increase good roots and virtues. Refugees get blessings, turn delusion into enlightenment, increase blessings and wisdom, and then purify body, speech and mind, leave the sea of life and death samsara, and achieve holy fruit.

Method of Conversion


Come in person and take refuge

Make a good time first, and travel from all over the world to the “True Buddha Secret Garden” in Seattle, USA, or the place where Living Buddha Yilian preaches the Dharma, and be personally empowered and converted by Living Buddha Lian. Note: Lei Tsang Monastery in Seattle holds fellowship activities every Saturday at 8:00 pm, and Living Buddha Lian personally gives the initiation of refuge. If you want to convert, please tell the service staff in the hall in advance and fill out the conversion form.


Write a Letter Take Refuge

For those who want to take refuge, they are all over the world, and it is not easy to come and take refuge in person. Therefore, disciples who want to take refuge only need to put their palms together facing the direction of the rising sun at 7 o’clock in the morning on the first or fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, and recite the four refuge mantras: “Nammo Gurube, Namo Budaya, Namo Bodhidharma. Namo Sangha. Guidance of Living Buddha Lian. Take refuge in the true Buddha.” Three times. Say it three times and pray three times. (once is enough). Disciples who have completed the ceremony in their own homes only need to write a letter, listing their real “name”, “address” and “age”, and attach a small amount of offering expenses at will. To the “True Buddha Secret Garden” in the United States. At Liansheng Buddha, on the first or fifteenth day of the lunar new year, the ceremony of “Remote Empowerment from Space” is held in the “True Buddha Secret Garden” to give remote empowerment to disciples who cannot be reached. Then we will send you a “Certificate of Refuge” and the picture of the master, and at the same time indicate where to start. This is to obtain the inheritance of “Lian Living Buddha”.


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