Cultivation Venue

Yuan Zheng Tang opening hours:

Monday to Friday group cultivation: 8 10 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday group cultivation: 3 6 PM

Yuan Zheng Tang welcomes all to visit and join us in Buddhist cultivation. 

Cultivation involves mending our own behaviour; “avoiding evil, doing good, and purifying the mind – this is Buddhadharma”. In the True Buddha Tantra Sadhana, the Purification Mantras is the antidote to impurity of the body, speech and mind; the Invocation Mantra is the antidote to the lack of affinity with Buddhas; the Great Homage is the antidote to arrogance and ego; entering samadhi is the antidote to one’s distracted mind, and so on. After cultivating consistently for a period of time, one’s heart will naturally become radiant and full of Dharma joy. In the future, one will ascend to the land of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, realising the fruit of Buddhahood. 

Consecration (kai-guang) of
Buddha/Bodhisattva statues

If you have a Buddha/Bodhisattva statue that requires consecration, feel free to approach our volunteers who will guide you to place the statue on the designated altar table, together with a donation amount of your own choice. 

Consecration signifies the spiritual union of the Dharma body of  the Buddha/Bodhisattva with the respective statue. When we offer incense and offering items, or pay homage to and praise such consecrated statues, the area that we live in will be blessed with ten benefits: 𝟣 fertile land; 𝟤 peace and prosperity at home; 𝟥 rebirth in the heavenly realm for the deceased; 𝟦 longevity; 𝟧 fulfilment of all desires; 𝟨 no fire- or water-related disasters; 𝟩 elimination of deficiencies; 𝟪 eradication of nightmares; 𝟫 divine protection when leaving and entering the house; 𝟣𝟢 numerous encounters with wholesome causes.

Blessing Light

On every tenth day (Padmasambhava’s birthday) of the lunar month and birthdays of the Eight Principle Deities, as well as during True Buddha Repentance Practices, Yuan Zheng Tang will light the Blessing Light. 

Buddha taught: “If a sentient being makes an offering of light, they will attain ten virtues: 𝟣 illuminating the world like a lamp; 𝟤 their eyes will not deteriorate wherever they are born; 𝟥 attainment of divine eyes; 𝟦 attainment of wholesome wisdom through wholesome and unwholesome practices; 𝟧 extinguishing great darkness; 𝟨 attainment of wisdom; 𝟩 they will always be free from darkness in their worldly wanderings; 𝟪 have great blessings; 𝟫 rebirth in the heavenly realm at the end of their lives; 𝟣𝟢 attainment of nirvana swiftly.”

Funeral/Memorial Ritual Chanting

If you require Buddhist Ritual Chanting for a deceased family member, kindly contact Yuan Zheng Tang to arrange for a session that will aid in bardo deliverance. Sessions are currently only for deceased who have recently passed within 49 days. 

Kindly bear the expenses for offering items to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Feel free to decide the sponsorship amount for the session according to your wishes.