In 1984 , the founder of True Buddha School, Living Buddha Grandmaster Sheng Yen Lu instructed Master Lian Xuan (deceased) to establish a local chapter in Singapore in order to provide a cultivation centre for True Buddha School disciplines in Singapore. With this order, Master Lian Xuan established Yuan Zheng Tang in Singapore. In 1986 , Yuan Zheng Tang was officially registered as a society and this was Singapore’s first and only True Buddha School Chapter. The chapter name was Ling Xian Jing She Yuan Zheng Tang Mediation Center with venue in MANGIS road.

In 1987, the chapter moved to ANDREW road and thereafter, shifted to Hougang Street 21. Subsequently, Yuan Zheng Tang was relocated to Level 5 at No. 9 Geylang Lorong 29. In 1993 , the chapter was renamed as True Buddha School Yuan Zheng Tang to reflect the lineage of True Buddha School. In 1998 , at the right opportunity, True Buddha School Yuan Zheng Tang managed to purchase a freehold unit at Level 4 in the same building at No. 9 Geylang Lorong 29. The chapter shifted into the new unit during the lunar month (10th of July 1998) which is also the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche. With this establishment,True Buddha School Yuan Zheng Tang has secured a permanent cultivation center which can host 300 people for the True Buddha School disciples in Singapore.

From the establishment of the Dojo for Fellow Practitioners to the present, Yuanzheng Hall has been adhering to the tradition of the True Buddha Sect: "Respect the teacher, respect the Dharma, and practice practically", so that the disciples who take refuge can practice the true Buddha's Secret Dharma until they reach Bodhi and achieve complete enlightenment. We also organize one or two Dharma meetings for praying for blessings and eliminating disasters every year, which benefit both Ming and Yang. Fortunately, in 2008, at the Singapore Expo Center, we organized the Ninth Dharma Assembly of the World-wide Kalachakra Meditation of the True Buddha Sect, which attracted 60,000 people. Believers at home and abroad participated in the event together.

Buddhist Basic Course

Since 2017, Yuanzhengtang has also started to organize basic courses in Buddhism, hoping that everyone can practice in a harmonious way.